Devonkayakfishing aims to help you get the best from your kayak fishing in Devon.

I’ve built this site for two reasons, firstly to let people who want a signed copy of my book get a copy direct from the source, so to speak, and secondly so that I can teach myself to build websites.

It’s still very early days for the site, and I’ll be adding more stuff as and when I get the chance, so if the weather is bad, expect to see a lot of changes the next time you visit, but unfortunately, during periods of good weather, chances are I’ll be out fishing. If you’ve got any venues you’d like to see featured on the site, then please drop me a line at andy@devonkayakfishing.com and I’ll incorporate them.

I’ll be adding some of the stuff that I have published in Sea Angler, as well as reviews of some of the kayaks that I’ve been lucky enough to paddle. I’ll also try and put up some step by step fitting out sequences to save you drilling as many holes in the wrong places as I have!!

AS Watersports Kayak Fishing Event

13 Feb 2014

Those nice people down at AS Watersports, whom I blame for getting me into this hobby in the first place, are putting on a kayak fishing day on March 22nd.

Kayak fishing in Teignmouth

13 Feb 2014

OK, so the weather has been so bad that the chances of getting out and actually doing it have been very very slight, but that won't stop me talking about it! I'm very pleased to say that I've been asked to put on a talk for the local canoe club in Teignmouth, and there are even rumours that the club might be running a fishing competition for members this summer. I think its great to see paddling clubs getting interested in kayak fishing, so I was very happy to help out and put on a talk for the club members.

In the RNLI pool

7 Nov 2013

One of the great things about having written a book on kayak fishing is that you get invited to do things by people who've read the book. A real goodie came up this week when I was invited over to the RNLI to attend a meeting between the BCU and the RNLI to talk about some kayak related research the RNLI has done. That would have been interesting enough to make the drive to Poole, but the icing on the cake was that the RNLI were offering us the chance to put a fishing sit on top into their pool in the afternoon.

Changes to the SRC radio course

7 Nov 2013

As of Jan 1st next year the rules are going to change for taking the SRC (short range certificate), the license you require to operate a handheld VHF radio. Apparently the rules have to change to bring us into line with European legislation, but what it looks like meaning is that the price of the course and test will increase substantially. The new course will be 10 hours long and can either be done online or a combination of home study and classroom time, with a minimum of 7 hours being spent ion the class room.

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