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Anchoring is probably the most dangerous thing you are likely to do in a kayak, and although fishing on the drift can be great fun, there will come a time when you want to stay still in one spot, and unless you can find a convenient pot buoy, then you’re going to need an anchor.

With a small boat, anchoring is relatively easy, as the chances are you’ll have access to the bow, usually via a small hatch. With a kayak, you simply can’t reach the bow, but if you just chuck an anchor over the side and tie it off amidships, you’ll quickly end up in serious trouble. At best the kayak will swing side on to the tide and the gunnel will start to be pulled under, at worse, if the anchor rope goes under the yak, then it may well tip over and you’ll be practicing re-entries.

I hate to sound like a health and safety inspector, but before fitting an anchor trolley, I’d strongly recommend that you find someone in your area who kayak fishes and get them to show you the ropes, quite literally in this case. There are a lot of kayak fishing websites out there, and most members are only too pleased to help a newcomer, so don’t be shy, log on to somewhere like Anglers Afloat, and get someone to show you how it’s done.

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