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A day at play with the RNLI

I was lucky enough to be invited up to the beautiful Oxwich Bay, to help run the BCU's new kayak fishing course for a group of RNLI bods and a couple of members of the South Wales Kayak Anglers club.
It was interesting to see that RNLI had actually purchased a couple of kayaks to take along to some of the events they attend to help get across the kayaking safety message, and part of the day's course was to give the RNLI people a taste of paddling.
Day started well, and we even had a police helicopter come over for a play, they've got a new droppable floatation collar, that they can drop in the sea near a casualty. I got to play the casualty, and duly paddle away from the group to give the helicopter a bit of room and then it was time for a swim. After they'd dropped couple of the new buoys it was back to the group, just in time to hear a report on the radio about a group of kayakers in trouble off the point.

Olly Sanders was dispatched to check it out, he's an incredibly experienced kayak coach, and paddles around Greenland for amusement, but even he thought the conditions off Oxwich Point were interesting. As the RIB that had called in the incident in the first place was in danger of getting swamped, it was time to call for the boys with the orange inflatables, a lot of whom were afloat with us!
The inshore boat recovered the kayak fishermen, a bloke and his two lads, who were out on their first kayak fishing trip!
As this was all kicking off, Nige Robinson asked me if I would mind heading out and checking three hire sit on tops, as they seemed to making no headway against the fresh offshore breeze. Long story short, two of the kids on a Malibu 2, couldn't make any headway against the wind, and their dad was knackered, so yours truly got to tow them back to the beach.
We finished off with a general chat about safety with the RNLI, and then it was time for the long drive back to Devon, but an interesting day and time well spent.

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