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Kayak fishing in Teignmouth

OK, so the weather has been so bad that the chances of getting out and actually doing it have been very very slight, but that won't stop me talking about it! I'm very pleased to say that I've been asked to put on a talk for the local canoe club in Teignmouth, and there are even rumours that the club might be running a fishing competition for members this summer. I think its great to see paddling clubs getting interested in kayak fishing, so I was very happy to help out and put on a talk for the club members. The talk will actually be open to everyone, and not just club members, so if you fancy coming along, make a note of March 1st in the Teign Corinthians yacht club, the big building right on the sea front just past the open air pool. The talk will start at 3pm, and those nice people at AS Watersports are sponsoring the event. There should be at least one fully rigged kayak on display and I'll be on hand to answer any question you have about the sport.

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