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In the RNLI pool

One of the great things about having written a book on kayak fishing is that you get invited to do things by people who've read the book. A real goodie came up this week when I was invited over to the RNLI to attend a meeting between the BCU and the RNLI to talk about some kayak related research the RNLI has done. That would have been interesting enough to make the drive to Poole, but the icing on the cake was that the RNLI were offering us the chance to put a fishing sit on top into their pool in the afternoon. The pool is amazing, it has a huge wave machine, and air cannon, which can recreate an indoor gale, complete with massive waves, and its where they train their lifeboat crews. Getting the kayak up there was interesting, as the crane wasn't working so we had to carry it up the stairs, but we managed to get the 4.3 into the pool and have a bit of fun. I ended up doing a few recoveries, and some of the BCU chaps gave the boat a real workout in some 'chunky' conditions.

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