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AS Watersports new shop

I was down at AS Watersports' splendid new shop last week for a Sea Angler photo shoot. We are taking a complete newbie to the sport of kayak fishing and taking him through the whole process, from choosing a boat, to getting kitted out, through training and then to catching his first fish. Last week we were at AS to shoot the first part of the feature, where our newbie got to choose his first kayak. With £700 to spend, we provided a short list of boats for him to try, and accompanied by myself and the shop's resident coach Liam Kirkham, our newcomer had a day playing on the canal before making his mind up which boat to buy. I'd love to give the game away and tell you which boat he chose, and why, but I'm afraid you'll have to read this month's Sea Angler to see which one he decided upon.

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