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Choosing a kayak

On the right you’ll find a list of kayaks that I’ve been lucky enough to have a play with. It’s really important that you try as many as you can when starting out, as what is comfortable for one person may well be torture for another. Try and forget how stable a kayak is at rest, as you spend more time on the water this will become less important, and kayaks which are very stable at rest tend to be wide, and consequently rather slow and hard to paddle. 

As a general rule, the longer a kayak is the faster it will be to paddle, but conversely, the more difficult it will be to turn. As a rule of thumb, look for a boat of around 12ft or more for general inshore fishing, while if you intend to go further out then another foot or two will come in handy.

Everyone has their own criteria for choosing a kayak, I must admit I still tend to go for boats with a really comfortable seat, but perhaps that’s just my age showing. Other things to look at are how easy is it to fit accessories, such as a fish finder, how much room is there on the boat, for you and all your gear, not to mention the thorny subject of budget. Try and find a good dealer, one who’ll let you have a play with the boats, preferably on the water, and don’t rush into any decisions.

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