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Kayak fishing is somewhat different from sit in kayaking in that your legs are exposed to the elements, also, as you wouldn’t roll a fishing kayak, if you go over you are likely to be in the water for longer, and get wetter, while you do your self rescue. As a result of the above, the golden rule is to dress for the water temperature, and not the air temperature.

Although in the height of summer, if we ever have one, it might look OK to go out in shorts and a T shirt, the issue is that the weather can change very quickly, so I tend to wear at least a pair of neoprene shorts and a have a dry top to hand, even if I’m not actually wearing it. A hat is also very useful, as not only does it protect your eyes from glare,  it stops sunburn, and a brightly coloured hat can also help as a visibility aid.

The next step up from the above is some form of wetsuit, either a shortie or something with longer arms and or legs. These will keep you warm in the water for reasonable periods, providing the water isn’t too cold, and are great for summer and autumn paddling.

Moving on up again brings us to the world of specialist paddle wear, and the chances are in most kayaking shops you’ll see the combination of a cag and paddle pants, 5these will keep you dry while you are paddling, and some are even designed to form a seal between the top and bottom so that you’ll stay dry if you go in.

The top of the rang apparel for the would be kayak angler is a drysuit, these are purpose built for exposure to the elements and immersion, and in the winter are an absolute must.

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