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Whatever type of suit foot you go for, or indeed if your paddling in a wetsuit,  you’ll need some further protection for your feet. When I first got my drysuit I just used a pair of water shoes, and let these get wet, relying on the suit’s feet and couple of pairs of ski socks to keep me warm.  This is fine in all but the depth of winter, but I later invested in a pair of knee high neoprene boots, Palm Kolas in my case, and these keep the water out entirely in almost all conditions, and keep my feet toast right through the cod season. If you do end up taking a dip, then the boot will fill with water, but they will then work like wetsuit boots, and still keep your feet relatively warm.  It’s worth noting that you’ll need a very large pair of boots to take the socks and feet of the suit, so I use size 12 Kolas, even though I’ve only got size 10 feet. For summer use, a pair of 5mm wetsuit boots should be fine, and these can be worn either over a drysuit or over bare feet if you’re using a wet suit, either way they’ll prevent your feet getting bashed about lugging your kayak to the water’s edge.

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