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Anchor Trolley for Prowler Elite

Fit as far forward as possible The key to a good anchor trolley is to fit it as far forward as possible. Here I’m using rivets to attach a padeye to the bow of the kayak. To really make sure nothing leaks, the rivets have been given a coating of Sikalflex 291
Attaching the rear The rear of the trolley is going to be attached using the inserts at the rear of the kayak, which are there in case you want to attach a rudder. I got a friend of mine to make up a bespoke stainless steel plate to use the four inserts moulded into the stern of the boat.
At the stern At the stern I used a very  to attach the pulley to the stern plate
Bow - short length of bungee cord I then did the same thing at the bow, using a loop of cord through the padeye to attach the pulley
Join the two ends of the anchor trolley rope To join the two ends of the anchor trolley rope I used a stainless steel ring and a carabineer. I put a short length of shrink tube onto the rope before I tied it on, and then used a heat gun to shrink the tub down, giving a very tidy knot, with no ends showing, and also to seal the knot and prevent it moving
Complete by joining the two ends The anchor trolley is then completed by joining the two ends by snapping the carabineer over the ring. Note that the ring should be to the rear of the baot, that way, if you want a short tow line, for example to drag the boat behind you through shallow water, simply unclip the trolley, the ring will stop at the back pulley and you’ll have a boat length’s of rope out in front of you.
Fitting a cleat to the boat To stop the trolley slipping when at anchor, I fitted a cleat to the boat so that the rope can be jammed, preventing an movement
Add a fitting to hold the anchor trolley rope on top of the exiting fitting With this boat I found that the rope tended to ride up and come over the cockpit. To stop this I reversed out a couple of the fittings that held the running lines and added a fitting to hold the anchor trolley rope on top of the exiting fitting. The anchor trolley rope isn’t attached to this fitting, it merely acts as a hook and prevents it going over the cockpit of the boat.


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