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Anchor trolley for Tarpon 140


For the anchor trolley on my Tarpon 140 I fitted a Harken cheek block right at the bow.
The cheek block was secured using nuts and bolts, and to make it a liitle more secure I fitted penny washers on the inside of the hull. As access was easily available via the front hatch, this was a straight forward job
To secure the anchor trolley at the stern I used the existing insert for the rudder, note that as these boats are built in the USA they use imperial threded bolts, so just find one somewhere else on the boat and use that.
The front and rear fittings are then joined together using a loop of 5mm prestretched cord. The stainless steel ring goes to the rear of the baot, that way, if needed, the carabineer can be undone and you have a ready made tow rope.

Here's a close up of the cable gland, just prior to drilling the hole for the cables. Note the extra Sikaflex used to seal the gland to the hull, and note how it goes everywhere!



?? As a finishing touch, and to prevent the knots jamming in the blocks, I covered the knots with shrink wrap tubing and heated them up to set the tubing.


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