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Humminbird Sideimaging fishfinder for Prowler Ultra 4.3


I thought long and hard about which fish finder to fit to my Ultra 4.3, but in the end, the fact that this is the first kayak with the correct moulding to take the transducer for Humminbird's amazing side imaging sonar decided me, it was time to go for broke, and create the ultimate fishing kayak, which meant fitting the ultimate kayak fishfinder. The 4.3 comes with a huge scupper hole, but this is only so that the side imaging unit can see out to each side, the transducer itself isn't a lot bigger than that used by standard Humminbird units.
In common with the other Humminbird fishfinders the transducer is fitted by means of a scupper boot kit, which consists of a length of threaded rod which attaches to the top of the transducer and a rubber boot to make the transducer a snug fit in the scupper. Because of the newly designed scupper, you don't actually need a rubber boot to fit a sideimaging unit, and this can be discarded. I had an old boot kit on hand, and unfortunately the threaded rod on this kit was too short for the Ultra's hull. I replaced the plastic rod with a longer length of M5 A4 stainless steel threaded rod. Newer versions of this kit come with a plastic extension rod, so check which version you are buying if purchasing a new kit.
The top of the threaded rod is held in place by a large plastic washer and a wingnut, which I replaced with stainless steel to match the threaded rod. IN the pic the cables are coiled under in the scupper hole, which seemed to work OK, but after doing a little more research, I changed the installation to hide the excess cable under the fish finder mounting plate, which gave me enough room in the scupper to fit a cable gland, to take the battery cable inside the hull and on to the battery box.
The next step is to make the position of the foot plate of the fish finder on the mounting plate. Note that as the mounting foot is offset, the fishfinder can't be mounted centrally, as it won't then clear the hatch when you come to stow the fishfinder in the hull
Both the battery and transducer cables are threaded down the hinge tube and come up under the mounting plate, a very easy arrangement, and the plugs on the ends of the cables then plug into slots on the base plate. The plugs are shaped to avoid you putting them in the wrong way, and a steel plate is then fitted to hold them in place. Once all the wires are in place, the base plate can be reattached to the rod pod cover using the supplied allen screws. .
To complete the installation its a simple matter to plug the fish finder into the base plate. The Humminbird comes with a very clever tilt and swivel mounting system and the unit can be easily removed from the base plate, with just a firm push of a button, leaving all the wires permanelty installed on the kayak, a very neat arrangmeent indeed.


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