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Icom IC-M33

This is the radio that started the floating radio craze and I got mine around four years ago and have used it ever since. I'm not completely sure now about just how important the floating aspect is, as I've never dropped it, and in use its leashed to my PFD, but I suppose its more for peace of mind than anything else.

The M33 is a well priced, entry level radio, that does everything you would expect of a basic radio, its got more than enough power for a kayak hand held and your range will be limited by your line of sight rather than the output power.

For those of you who like to fish in groups I find the dual watch facility useful, as you can use, for example channel 8 to stay in contact, and also monitor channel 16 at the same time. I find it more than loud enough to hear when wedged into a PFD pocket. Battery life is fine, and I've found it will easily last a couple of 6 hour trips if used sparingly.

My radio got drowned about 8 months after I bought it, and had to be returned to Icom, I had it in the pocket of a PFD and did a training day, so loads of getting in and out of the water, but the radio didn't like it and let some in, not enough to stop working, but enough to fog up the window. To be fair to Icom, they replaced it straight away, and I've treated it appalling since and its still going strong. This is the model with the third terminal, and there have been reports of this corroding if the radio is charged while still covered in salt water. The radio is charged by just dropping it into a cradle charger, which is very easy, but does leave it vulnerable. According to Icom  the third terminal problem has been solved by beefing up the metal on newer versions, perhaps by returning mine I got a newer battery, because I've had no problem with mine whatsoever and the battery looks as good as the day it turned up, despite not being particularly well looked after, in fact the only care it gets is an occasional spray with ACF-50.

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