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Malibu 2xl

Easily the most versatile of the double sit on tops, the 2xl rates highly because it can take two adults and a small child, while also being capable of being paddled solo

The Malibu 2xl is a great family kayak. The standard version comes with a couple of seats, which are usually fitted to the front and rear paddling positions, but if you want to, you can purchase another seat and fit this in the central position, and the boat will then take a couple of adults and a small child. The other great thing about this boat is that you can paddle it solo, from the aforementioned central seating position, and used this way its actually quite a controllable and reasonably fast boat.

The down sides are the weight and the high sides. First the weight, well, its simply a two man lift to get this onto any kind of vehicle, and the boats sheer bulk also makes it a bit of a pain to maneuver in the car park. Because it is such a bulky boat, the 2xl also has quite amazing stability, and kids can easily stand up and run around on one of these, its worth practicing a few re-entries through, as I find it quite difficult to get right way up if you manage to flip it over, although I've never managed to do that unintentionally. On a final note, check the weather forecast if you are taking one of these out on your own, as with their high sides they can be quite difficult to paddle in strong winds.


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