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Palm Gradient Board Shorts

Ideal for a bit of padding and protection in the summer months, these ultra comfortable 3/4 length board shorts come with an neoprene liner.

Knowing just what to wear in our far too brief summers is a problem, particularly if you paddle a very wet kayak such as the Scupper Pro. I got the Gradients for exactly that boat, and they've worked perfectly. The shorts are 3/4 length, which covers your thighs when you're sitting down, they are made of the same type of material as your average drysuit, and as such seem pretty resilient in use, and shrug off bait and fish blood with ease!
However, the clever bit about these shorts is that they come with a 2mm neoprene inner short, not only does this make them exceptionally comfortable, but it also makes them very warm, even if paddling the sort of sit on top that leaves you sitting in a permanent puddle. They are also very good for the way home, because although the neoprene inner stays damp for quite a while, the outer layers seem to be water repellent, and dries incredibly quickly, so if you fancy paddling to the pub, you can go up and order a pint at the bar without looking like you're wearing wet, wetsuit bottoms, which can upset some of our more upmarket hostelries.
For the price, I'd have liked a water tight pocket, instead you get one that is labelled as water resistant, so keep the car keys in an Aquapac or similar.
I tend to use these shorts with the Palm Mistral short sleeved jacket, and together they make a superb warm weather paddling combination.


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