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Palm Hydro Adventure

An entry level PFD named after the water pouch on its back

This was my first PFD and it still gets the occasional outing. The main reason I bought it was the combination of a decent amount of pockets, and 70N of buoyancy in the larger sizes. Another big selling point as far as I was concerned was the hydro bit, which means that it has a pocket on the back for a 1.5 litre hydration bladder, although its worth noting that despite its name, this isn't included and has to be purchased as an extra.
The PFD is a waistcoat type design, with foam around the back and chest, held together with a front entry zip. The front pockets have a buckle closure, rather than a zip, and include tie in points inside the pockets for leashing cameras, radios etc. There are also shoulder mounted D rings and a lash tab, the later being ideal for mounting a knife or rope cutter. Safety is increased by the use of reflective tape at the shoulders, and on the front and rear, which make it easy to see the PFD at night.
In use its quite comfortable, it has a slightly longer body than other Palm PFDs, and this can make the top of the zipper a little close to my chin and neck, which can lead to some rubbing, doing the waist belt up tight will help to stop this. It's very hard wearing, mine is 4 years old now and still going strong, and often gets borrowed by friends and relatives. I've got the red one, it also comes in blue and an olive green, which would probably make a good colour for anyone fishing the canals/rivers.
Overall a great entry level PFD and one which should last you for many years.

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