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Palm Kola Boots

If you want to keep your feet warm in winter, then these are the best boots I've found.


The Kola is my weapon of choice for winter fishing, it's an almost knee high boot, with the uppers made of 5mm lined neoprene. The height of the boots is such that they go well with drysuits such as the Typhoon PS220, the Palm Aleutian, and they even work OK with the Sidewinder bib and brace, all of the above having enough material in the ankle cuffs to come down and cover the uppers of the boots.
My Kolas are now 4 years old, and amazingly are showing no signs of wear, even on the sole, which is made from vulcanised rubber, with reinforcing to the toes.
The boots come with a Velcro adjustable bridge strap, which I have to loosen to get my feet into the boots if I'm wearing socks and a drysuit, and a buckle adjustable closure higher up the leg which gives quite a tight fit over a drysuit and prevent too much water getting into the boots if it comes over the top when launching. The top of the boots have some kind of slippery coating on them, which makes putting the boot on over drysuit socks easier than if they were just neoprene.
Although I've got size 10 feet, I bought size 12 Kolas, and this has proved to be the right size to take a couple of pairs of socks and a drysuit, they are a bit large without the socks, but there again, if I don't need the two pairs of socks, then chances are it'll be warm enough to wear wetsuit boots anyways.
Summing up, Kolas have kept my feet toasty through three winters now, are very comfortable to wear, give decent grip, even on weed encrusted slipways, and seem to be very solidly built.


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