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Palm Mistral SS

If we ever get a summer, then this is my favourite warm weather cag.


This is a great bit of kit either for chucking on over a farmer john type wetsuit or for wearing with Sidewinders in slightly colder conditions. Being short sleeved, its miles cooler than a conventional cag, yet still keeps your core warm.
The jacket comes with a velcro adjustable collar, which you can open right up to get some ventilation, but on the down side, it sure isn't water tight if you do take a dip. The sleeves have neoprene gaskets, which are surprisingly dry, and certainly don't seem to let any water in during everyday paddling.
The jacket comes with an inner waist, with gripper elastic edging, so it can be used with the Sidewinder bib and brace to make quite a decent seal at the waist, although I haven't had the bottle to take a dip and see just how much water does get in, that's a task for later on when the water warms up a bit.
The jacket also comes with a water resistant zipped chest pocket, again I haven't tested it with a set of car keys, and it's usually of little use as it sits under the front of my PFD.
The jacket is very comfortable to wear, and great for the hotter months, I really like the cut, which gives great freedom of movement, and makes it a pleasure to paddle in this jacket. On the down side it can be a bit of a pain to get on and off, due to the inner waist, which is quite tight on me, even with an extra large, but this should mean I get a really good seal just in case I ever take a dip. The jacket scrunches up quite small, and doesn't take up much space, and, on those few days when its actually warm enough to wear it, really comes into its own. 


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