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Prowler Elite

Arguably Ocean Kayak’s best all rounder, the Elite replaced the much loved Prowler 15.

I got this boat for a Sea Angler feature, as it seemed the ideal yak to show a series of step by steps on fitting out a yak from scratch, and this one now has anchor trolley, fish finder, rudder, and RAM mounts. I’ll be adding each fit out as a step by step once they’ve been published in the magazine.

The Elite is probably most similar to the Tarpon 140, although it is a little faster, and a little longer, it has the same open cockpit design, however.

Unlike the Tarpon 140, there is no direct access to the hull from the centre of the yak, instead, Ocean has decided to fit a small hatch which leads into a small dry compartment, ideal for wallet and keys etc, and sealed by the aforementioned screw down hatch. The bow has a decent sized hatch, big enough to take a c-tug with ease.

Outstanding point on this yak is the ease of integration with Humminbrid fish finders, as it comes with an extra, modified scupper hole that takes the fish finder transducer, and this version also comes prewired, including a very nifty battery tray, making fitting it out an absolute pleasure.

Because its a longer kayak, the Elite can want to turn into the wind, although markedly less so than the 140, and fitting a rudder, although by no means necessary, makes it easier to paddle in certain condition.

The yak comes with a basic seat, and an upgrade is recommended as the basic one can be a little uncomfortable at times.

On the plus side this yak is very fast and easy to paddle, its very well set out for fishing with loads of room, and there are loads of mounting points provided. The only minus to speak of is that its slightly heavy to put on the roof of the car.

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