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Prowler Ultra 4.3

Pricey, but otherwise stunning, the 4.3 is arguably the best plastic fishing kayak on the market.

When I reviewed this boat's big brother for Sea Angler, I ended up wondering how long it would be before the innovations introduced on the Ultra 4.7 would find their way onto a shorter, lighter hull, and in the event it turned out to be just 18 months. The Ultra 4.3 is probably the best rotomoulded fishing kayak on the UK market at the moment, and certainly if you like your fishing static from anchor, and like to have a fair bit of gear with you when fishing, then, if you can afford it, this is the boat to go for.
The stand out features are the central pod, which will swallow a massive amount of gear, and comes complete with revolving lid, so that you can mount a fish finder and have it disappear inside the hull for safe storage and for those tricky surf landings. The other stand out point on this boat is that it's the first Ocean Kayak boat to come complete with a molded in seat, which I think is a great step forward. For a first attempt it's pretty comfortable, and looks remarkably similar to the seats fitted to the Necky range of kayaks, the similarity being explained by the fact that they both have the same parent company. I've certainly got a lot of padding on my own seat, and as such found it quite comfortable, even for long periods, although the back rest takes a bit of sorting to get in the optimum position and adjustments aren't possible while sitting in the kayak, well, not unless you're massively more flexible than I am. The usual try before you buy applies, however, and some slightly built users have reported the seat to be a little thin.

The other big step forward with this kayak is the completely new design of front hatch, the old put on top covers have goner, to be replaced by a hinged version, complete with locking handle, another huge step forward. If you rate a kayak by the amount of rod holders, then this is the market leader, with a staggering 6, four behind the seat and a further two mounted amidships, I've actually found these quite useful for holding rods while baiting up, and now miss them if paddling a kayak without them. 

Paddle wise its a joy, its really fast, almost up there with the Scupper Pro in fact, and I also found it very quick off the mark, it tracks well, and I didn't find it to be badly effected by the wind, to the extent that my boat still hasn't had a rudder fitted, and I honestly don't think I'll bother, she's just too well behaved without one. 

As for the downsides I'd be really hard pressed to find any. At £1,000 it's certainly not the cheapest kayak on the market, but look at all those toys, and if you are much on the wrong side of 100kg then it can collect water in the seat area, but that about all I can think of. 

I'm currently using the Ultra 4.3 as my project boat, and have just added one of Humminbird's amazing side imaging units, to create what to me, is the ultimate fishing kayak. 

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