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Scupper Pro

The Scupper Pro is one of the fastest and most sea worthy of all the fishing kayaks, but can be a wet ride for the bigger paddler.

Despite it being one of the very oldest sit on top kayaks out there, the Scupper Pro is a relatively recent addition to my fleet. I purchased mine the day I came back from Jersey, after having spent a couple of days paddling a Scupper Pro on my BCU 3* paddling course. I'd always thought I was a little too porky for this boat, and at 15 stone I'm probably right on the upper limit, but as I tend to use this boat mainly for just larking around and don't have too much gear on her, I can just about get away with it.

So, to start with the plus points, the Scupper is one of the very fastest of all the sit on top kayaks, and more remarkably is also one of the most sea worthy, she's also one of the very few fishing sit on tops that is relatively happy in surf. However, this excellent stability and handling is achieved by having a very low seating position, in fact the Scupper is one of the few boats where you actually sit below the water line, at least if you weigh as much as I do! As a result of this she is a wet ride, and most paddlers will find themselves sitting in a puddle.

As she's such an early design, she's also rather basic, you don't even get side handles with the basic boat, and the deck space is what can best be described as limited, so if you want to spend a long time at anchor and like to have loads of gear with you, then you should perhaps look elsewhere, she also isn't the best behaved boat when anchored from the stern, and can tend to swing about a bit.

In short, she's a boat with some pretty major flaws, particularly for the bigger paddler, but I'm more than prepared to forgive these for the amazing paddling experience, the Scupper is probably the closest you are going to come to paddling a true sea kayak without having to have your legs enclosed in plastic.

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