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Tarpon 140

Two foot longer than the 120, the 140 is faster than its shorter brother, but not without vices.

The 140 is some 2 feet longer than its baby brother and I must admit I was really excited when I got my hands on one. Straight away you notice the extra length as this kayak is a lot easier to paddle than the 120, and I think it is about the same in terms of speed and effort as a 14ft OK design.

The hull itself is very similar to the 120 so all my comments for that yak still hold true, the Slide Trax rail system is quite excellent, the quality of the moulding is superb, the hatches and general fittings are all well made. The seat is one of the real plus points of this design, and at least for me, is pretty close to kayak nirvana, and I can easily spend eight or more hours at anchor in one of these and not get a numb bum, not only that but the seat also supports my lower back well when paddling, but as with everything kayak related, try it yourself, - you might not like it.

The real down side is the weight, and I struggle to get this onto a 4x4 on my own, and also the fact that the extra length of this boat sticks out a long way behind you and if you use a big box in the tank well then the boat tends to turn into the wind as the stern is blown round, this can be a bit of a pain on long cross wind paddles. This is the reason that I’ve  fitted a rudder to my 140, the rudder also comes into its own when I'm using her with the Pacific Action sail.

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