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Werner Shuna

My first decent blade, and recently upgraded, the Shuna is still the one to beat.

I'll admit straight off that I love this blade. I started my paddling career with a pair of Werner Shunas, and for once made the right decision right at the outset. When I first tired out a kayak Jemma, who works at AS Watersports,  lent me this nice looking paddle, which I used for quite a long time as I wrestled with the decision of which boat would become my first ever fishing kayak. I gave loads of thought to the boat and eventually was ready to hand over the money for the boat. Oh, I presume I need a paddle as well, how much is this one. £200 she replied, which caused me to pause a bit, and then go and try several cheaper alternatives. None of which were a patch on the Werner, which was not only as light as a feather but somehow just felt right. That first pair of Werner's were a 215cm straight shafted glass fibre bladed job and did good service for my first couple of years paddling, indeed they still get a trip out occasionally just for old times' sake.  The great thing about this first pair is that they've been really battered, but the fit at the feral is still as strong as when they were new, and there's no sign of wear there at all.

As I started to do more training, particularly sea kayak training, I couldn't help noticing that several of the coaches I really respected were also using Shuna's albeit full carbon blades on a cranked shaft, and I made the mistake of borrowing a pair. They were quite simply amazing, and before long, I was the proud owner of a pair of 215cm carbon Shunas on a cranked shaft. The design had changed a bit since my first pair, and the newer version has a small window at the middle where you see the angle  of feather, and changing over is a simple matter of pressing a button, pulling the two halves apart, rotating to your required feather and then pushing them back together.

For all day long paddling in a streamlined kayak I think these are the ultimate kayak paddle, and although they are quite expensive, the grin they bring to my face every time I pick them up more than makes up for the initial outlay.

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