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Wet Suits

Probably the first line of defence against the cold that you are going to think of is the wetsuit, as modelled by surfers at most of our beaches. Wetsuits are actually really good for kayak use in the summer, and from June to even October they can be a good starting point. The surfers’ wetsuits that you’ll often see for sale very cheaply aren’t actually that good for kayaking, the cut around the shoulders tends to be quite restrictive for paddling and the zip is at the back, as they are intended to be used by someone who is going to be spending most of their time lying on a board. For a kayak, the best solution is probably a sleeveless wetsuit, which gives far better movement, and a wetsuit with the zip at the front, so it doesn’t dig into your back when you are sitting down. This type of suit is readily available from a decent kayak shop, and you can probably get a decent one for less than £50.

Wet suits, however, as the name suggests, work by letting you get wet, and then trapping a thin film of water between your skin and the neoprene, and then warming up this layer of water to keep you warm. A far better approach is to try and stay dry in the first place.

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